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About Postura Bookrest

"The true creator is necessity, who is the mother of our invention"
-- Plato, (Ancient Greek Philosopher. 428 BC-348 BC)

Postura Bookrest is a portable, adjustable and heavy duty book holder made of
solid wood. It makes the reading experience more pleasurable by taking away the
discomforts which occur in the hands and arms and make their way into other
parts of the body whilst holding a book open. It also acts as an exceptional
'space saving' document holder for loose copy and magazines.

Postura Bookrest is an incredibly versatile book holder and document holder
designed for extensive applications. For over 10 years, it has been sold to
hospitals, law and accounting firms, police stations, musicians and university

Postura Bookrest receives daily testimonials from people across the world
reporting on the benefits offered by this life changing product. Using Postura
Bookrest you can enjoy your book or magazine, and let your arms & shoulders
rest from the strain of long reads! You can work, study and read in comfort.


The keys to developing excellent body posture are
awareness, strength, and flexibility.

by Naomi Minwalla

We live in a world where good body postures are abnormal. Look around you and
you will see that slouching bodies are the norm. This is a paradox in an era
where information about good posture is so easily accessible and technology in
the form of ergonomic chairs and back supports is affordable. The problem is that
if you do not have a good posture to preserve in the first place, then the
technology is useless!

The keys to developing excellent body posture are awareness, strength, and
flexibility. When you sit at a desk to read or to work, do you ask yourself the
following questions: Is this desk the right height for me? Do I shrug my shoulders
when I work? Am I sitting upright in my chair? Are my reading materials and
computer positioned at a correct angle? Is my neck bending too much? Am I
getting up periodically to stretch? Doing what is most comfortable for your
body may not be doing what is
correct for your body. Being aware of how
you interact with your physical environment and consciously recognizing and
changing your comfortable, but incorrect, physical habits, are the first big steps
toward developing and maintaining good body posture.

The second step is to develop flexibility and strength. For many people,
developing good body posture will require a complete reconditioning of their
muscles, tendons and bones so that they become flexible and strong enough to
support an erect frame. This is not impossible, regardless of your age, but it will
require a daily, personal commitment. I, for example, developed rounded
shoulders and a slouching back from over a decade of slouching when carrying
heavy textbooks in a backpack while completing four university degrees. At the
age of thirty, I suffered from chronic tennis injury in my shoulder and back which
was further exacerbated by poor study habits. It was at this time that I became
more aware of my posture and took measures to correct it.

By using Postura Bookrest and exercising regularly, I gradually healed my injury,
corrected my posture, and developed strength and flexibility. Once attained,
these assets are easy to maintain. You too can improve your posture and be
more relaxed and productive using Postura Bookrest. It is a simple and natural
way to develop good posture and can be practised by anyone virtually
anywhere. Be the next person to make good body postures the rule, rather than
the exception in our world! Stop slouching your back!