We want you to be astounded by the way Postura Bookrest responds to your needs. Hearing what people have to say about Postura gives us a buzz and should give you the confidence to have one of the best book holders ever designed. Please read these inspiring testimonials:


We have received the Postura Bookrest that you sent and are delighted with it.
Thank you so much. I would like to order more Postura bookrests for our
employees. Thanks again.

Judy Sipes Executive Assistant
Miramichi Police Force


"UNBELIEVABLE !!!! No more neck, shoulder or eye strain after long hours of document analysis. One at work & one at home & I'm still finding new uses for it. My POSTURA and I are inseparable! "

Linda Case, Legal Assistant

"I used to experience intense neck aches from reading off flat desks at university. With POSTURA, my neck aches disappeared and I can read comfortably for longer periods of time. I've used POSTURA daily for the last 16 years and love it!".

Naomi Minwalla, B.A., M.Phil.


I use my Postura Bookrest on a daily basis, I love the incline on it, makes it very easy to read books and magazines of any size. I also love it to do work with the computer. Best of all, it's portable so I can read comfortably anytime and anywhere."

Silvia Bustamante, Interior Designer


"As a professional physical therapist/ bodyworker I am constantly helping folks deal with headaches, neck and back stiffness. My services are only as helpful to them in achieving relief as the ideas I share with my patients on helping support their improved posture at home and work. How? Core training with Mastermoves—good ergonomics as with the Postura Bookrest. More and more people are spending their time behind a laptop (just like how I am typing this message). Less people are reading books—unfortunately. Therefore, for book or report readers, the Postura’s benefits are well outlined in your information package, My experience with recommending and using the Postura Bookrest also lies in being creative in its multiple uses! Let me encourage laptop users to set up their laptop on the Postura and “rest” their forearms on a thin cushion. What a relaxing way to keep a good posture while word processing! Finally, for those of us who like cooking—what a great cookbook holder!"

Fred Samorodin, Registered Physical Therapist

Why eBay clients love our Bookholder:

Great product, quality materials and solid construction.
-- Buyer: ryan_pulsifer

High quality, perfectly crafted, very functional & beautiful book stand!
-- Buyer: artfull_1

US, buy with confidence, well made and arrived beforehand. Thank you Canada!
-- Buyer: lhsnana2365

Product works very well for my sheet music.
-- Buyer: tyk3o79u

LIked it so much bought another as Xmas present - friend loved it too!
-- Buyer: rissletta

Beautiful. Well designed. Bought two. Fast delivery. Thanks.
-- Buyer: werewolfkennels

Thank you! So happy ! Thank you - This is terrific!e!
-- Buyer: marymlipsey1957

Beautiful wood, solidly built, works perfectly. Matches cherry desk. Fast ship.
-- Buyer: rissletta

Amazing book rest high quality makes reading a pleasure again very pleased
-- Buyer: higgins203

Solid wood very sturdy, love it! thanks for all the extra info included.
-- Buyer: cindia_lai

Absolutely love this book holder. Very well made and priced right. Thank you!
-- Buyer: whiska95

-- Buyer: herrvonlugen

Why Amazon clients love our Bookholder:

Really nice book holder. -- By Linda E. N-Eatonon - Verified Purchase

I searched for a long time and compared a lot of book holders before deciding to purchase the Postura book holder This is a very well-built beautiful and functional book holder. It is made of solid wood and has a beautiful finish, and functions wonderfully for both large (and heavy) books, small books and tablets, and even documents. This is a fantastic book holder and it is obvious that it will last for many many years, if not my lifetime, and I would definitely recommend it to others.

I was not disappointed. The book holder is quite beautifully made. -- By D. Hoeon - Verified Purchase

My main concern was overpaying for a simple reading implement. I was not disappointed. The book holder is quite beautifully made, is adjustable for taller or shorter books, is collapsible for mobility, and the finishing is wonderful. It's also helped reduce neck aches as I no longer need to bend down too low to read at my desk. I love this book holder and am so glad I invested in it.

Book holder was better than I anticipated. By Amazon Customer - Verified Purchase

Small enough to be portable yet large enough to hold any of my documents or books. The wood construction blends in with any office type furniture.

Spectacular! By cgallardoon -- Verified Purchase

My first book holder ever. This thing is very sturdy and somewhat adjustable. The finish is silky smooth, I thought it wasn't real wood when I first received it, but after close examination I discovered it is. I'm using it to study for an exam and enjoy it very much.

Great book holder! By Amazon Customeron - Verified Purchase

I had to bend the brackets a bit to hold larger textbooks(like 1000 page thermo textbooks) but it saved me a lot of neck pain from studying.

Five Stars! BySharion -- Verified Purchase

Loved it

Prevents Back Problems

We often neglect our body postures while reading. We become so engrossed in what we are reading that we forget how our body is positioned. Our bodies were not designed to sit all day. The modern sedentary lifestyle consisting of little exercise and long periods of sitting puts an unnatural strain on the spine and nervous system.

Improves Body Alignment

Using POSTURA Bookholder while you read will encourage back and neck alignment. Since your back will be better supported, you can prevent deformations in your vertebral column.An effective way to reduce this strain is to constantly correct the bad postures. POSTURA Bookrest helps you to do this. Now anyone can enjoy reading hands-free with perfect posture while sitting or reclining.


Holds any Size of Document

Using POSTURA Bookholder while you read your documents will encourage back and neck alignment.
Since your back will be better supported, you can prevent deformations in your vertebral column.

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